Image result for game shifter meaningYou may have heard of game changers. A game changer is an event, idea or procedure that brings about significant difference in the way of doing, saying or thinking about something.

A game shifter I have learnt is a video game or some such thing involving what looks like a gear shift mechanism.

However I use the term “GAME SHIFTER” in a different way.

My new go to saying is “gradual steps to glorious living”.

What  I mean by this is that by gradually making small changes or shifts in your thinking, lifestyle and actions, you can achieve great rewards.

Sometimes there can be big jumps in your circumstances and results. More often though it is rare to get overnight success.

Even what appears to be a sudden stroke of good luck is usually the culmination of a series of concerted smaller efforts.

The “GAME SHIFTER”  is a collection of key steps for building resilience to help you overcome difficult situations and to promote peaceful living. The steps are discussed in my third book, Bounce Back Better 10(+1) Key Steps for Building Resilience.

Goal Setting

Acceptance Through Grieving

Moment by moment

Exercise and Things Physical

Seek Support

Honour God

I after you


Train the Brain

Embrace Giving


Glorious living through gradual steps or shifts.





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