Prayer for Today

Here are the headlines in our three national daily newspapers. This is the stimulus for the prayer today.



Heavenly Father, the light and life of this world, we rejoice today for this is your day. We give you all praise and thanks for your works in and around us.

Lord we come before you in humility and sorrow. We live like there is no greater tomorrow. Our young people are being killed by the bullet and we seem to have lost all control.

Have mercy upon us O Lord. We know that we have done wrong, are still doing wrong but today dear Father we cast off all attachments to wrongdoing and sin and come before you with repentant hearts.

Help us dear God as a people, to move closer to you. Help our hearts to be filled with love for our fellowman. Help us to find ways to bring this violence and devotion to violence to an end.

Touch the hearts of those who have grown so far from you that they have lost touch with humanity, compassion and respect for life.

Show us a way forward to bring harmony and peace back to our nation and to lead our young people in the way that is right.

These things we ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,




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