Prayer for Peace

In this post join me in praying for an ease to all the violence, murders, crimes, abuse, hatred and general ill-will making headlines nationally in Trinidad and internationally.,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNFSHXFYSONLBHmwFlLcNgCUNEwXwA&ust=1449488850638766

We come together Dear Lord in your name, as we pray for your Holy Spirit to descend on us. Surround us with your grace, mercy and purity that we may be able to face any situation with equilibrium and calm. We pray that we react to others in love, knowing that love is the antidote for anger, rage and hatred. Let your peace descend upon our nations. Keep us protected as we strive to keep peace in our spheres of influence, through your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ we pray,


Add your own prayer , asking specifically for what you need in your community. Please leave us with the blessing of your added request in the comment box below.


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