Pure In Heart

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

                                                                       Matthew 5: 8

The atomic bomb functions using radioactive isotopes. These isotopes are atoms of an element such as uranium which are different from the other atoms of the element because their core or nucleus is unstable. That instability arises because the nucleus is too heavy. To regain stability, the isotopes spontaneously release smaller particles and a great deal of energy called gamma radiation. That radiation is what causes the destruction resulting from a bomb.

(It is worth pointing out that the very energy that causes destruction can also be harnessed to do good. But that is for another post.)

The point of note for me here is that the instability starts at the core of the atom and is overcome by releasing excesses.

As Christians we are given the promise of seeing God, if we are pure in heart. Those who strive to be pure in heart are called blessed.

To be blessed means to be spiritually happy; it means to have a good and right relationship with God and with man.

To be pure implies an extreme. It implies being free of all that contaminates either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

To be pure in heart reflects that such purity begins at the core of our beings. The heart has traditionally  been regarded as the centre of all intellect, will and emotions.

Freeing ourselves of deceit, of ill-will of anger and hatred, filling our thoughts with positives are some of the ways we can begin to let go of contaminants which keep us from being pure in heart and instead cultivate purity. This can be achieved in practical ways such as trying to bring happiness to others by smiling, forgiving, doing something kind for no reason or being non-judgmental.

The Bible talks about seeing God. Exodus 33:20 tells us: “But He said, “You cannot see My face, for no man can see Me and live!”

God is so filled with power and energy that we are unable to cast our eyes on Him in our natural, human states. The pure in heart are given the assurance that they will see God. That promise is fulfilled when we have become purified through the fires of life, pruned over and over until all that is left is goodness.

Such purification cannot be achieved through our will: it comes through the mercy of God. He alone can grant us the strength, the will and the intellect to achieve the purity it takes to be able to view His greatness.

I have been in His magnificence. I have experienced the wonder, the peace, the comfort and the glory of being in His presence.

I have not seen His face for then I would not be here to tell of it.

When the fires of purification became too intense for my earthly being, God wrapped me in His special “aluminium” sheeting, shielding me from the burning effect of the flames.

I long for that feeling of pure joy again. I commit myself to living to become pure in heart for the reward at the finish line that beckons me.

Do you believe in God? Do you think that the extreme, pure bliss I spoke about is a possibility or a reality? Why don’t you leave a comment, let me know your thoughts?


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