On friendship


Spoke to an old friend last night. First time in more than twenty four years that we have spoken.

The best things in life are free – so the saying goes and it is so true, Relationships, friends, family make life worthwhile. They bring  a smile to your face and make the burdens of life seem insignificant.

There are some bonds when forged that never grow weak. The bond that was formed so many years ago remains tried and tested by the harshness of time.

Live your life treating each day like it is your last one. Things happen over which we have no control. Live to have few regrets and to make it easier for your cherished ones to have good thoughts to hang on to when you are no longer with them.

Pray everyday. Build a bond with your maker, just as you forge relationships with others.

Life is difficult but the sparks of joy emanating from the occasional meeting of souls smooths out the rough spots.

Have you renewed any old friendships lately? Have you made a new acquaintance? Do you cherish those near and dear to you and let them know that regularly? I would love to know your take in this matter so feel free to leave a comment in the space below.


2 Replies to “On friendship”

  1. One of the biggest weaknesses I see most people are guilty of is “NOT CREATING TIME.” The claim that it doesn’t exist is a fallacy. If someone had a heart attack and needed rehab 3X/week, the time would be found and made. We need to stop making excuses and start prioritizing our life. It would make us happier, healthier and less stressed. Excellent article.


  2. Thanks so much. I am can relate totally to your point about creating time – when I was injured and recuperating there was more than enough time to do all the things I thought I did not have the time to do. Your comments are always spot on. Thanks again.


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