The Apple of His Eye

Nestled in the heights of the Northern Range in Trinidad, is a rustic, though upgraded monastery and abbey. Mount St Benedict is welcoming; the atmosphere is rejuvenating and the ambience is divine.This was a most appropriate venue for a retreat hosted by the non-profit organization, Women of Worth, humbly and expertly led by Mrs. Debra East.

The building in the foreground with the red roof and the staircase is the one in which the retreat was held.

The following is an excerpt from a session held at the Women of Worth retreat over the weekend, October 9th -11th. The theme for the retreat was “The Apple of His Eye.”

“Thank you to the Women of Worth and to Mrs. East and to my good friend, Ms. Elcock for the privilege of speaking with you today. Special thanks to God for selecting each and every one of us to be his favoured ones, to be the Apple of His eye.

Not so many years ago, when I was a little girl, I distinctly remember my mother asking me to do a chore, which at the time I felt was too much for a girl. I thought to myself, “why don’t you ask my brother or my father? Why me?”

She was preparing to host a dinner at home and wanted to serve homemade coconut ice cream. My chore was to crack open six dried coconuts and as we say “chip up” the hardened jelly for blending to extract the “milk”.

My father appeared, on hearing the noise of the bursting nuts, as I flung them with full force on the concrete floor. He relieved me of the chore, completing the task himself.

Years later I would realise that my mother, in her wisdom, really wanted my father to do the chore but knew that he would do it in his time…unless she made me do it.

Fully aware of his love for his only daughter, knowing the extent to which he would go to protect and preserve his daughter, she used psychology to get him to do what she wanted, when she wanted it done.

If my earthly father could have such great love for me, I can only imagine how great my heavenly Father’s love is.

The Apple of His Eye: one explanation for this saying is that it signifies that one is valued, one is highly favoured, is a favourite. It is speculated to refer to the pupil in the eye: that part of the eye into which light enters, sending images to our brain so that we can see objects. It is  that part of our eye through which our inner light shines, sending signals of love and kindness or signals of discontent and ill-will.

To me then, the Apple of His eye implies a two way relationship: it indicates how much we are loved and how we ought to act as a result of that love.

God’s love for us is revealed in multiple ways. I will focus on three ways: He acts as our Protector; He acts as our Healer; and He acts as our Provider.

We could acknowledge our favour in ways which may include: submission to His will; being merciful; and loving others as we ourselves are loved.

As I leave let me urge you to reflect on the many ways God has shown that you are the apple of His eye and to reflect on how you are keeping your responsibility to that favour. I ask you to use every opportunity to submit, be merciful and to love others as you would want to be loved.

Thank you.

So what does being the apple of His eye mean to you? Drop me a line and let me know. I would love to hear from you!


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