I Did It!

This is just a quick line to let you know – I did it! I completed the Bankers Insurance Half Marathon yesterday, 31st August, 2015.

It was the most exhilarating physical experience I have had for a long time. The atmosphere was charged: there was the smell of competition in the air, the scent of will power and the taste of accomplishment at the end.

The event was so well organised. I have to give kudos to the folks at BI who did this for the first time ever. They did such a great job.

The course was well manned. The route was clear and each mile was marked. There were water stops at almost every mile marker. There were two Gatorade stops. All registration was done prior to race day. The race numbers came with an attached electronic chip which provided data for each runner when they crossed the start, the half line and the finish line.

There was a warm welcome at the finish line. My only peeve was when the announcer said, “look Tanty coming.” For those not familiar with our vernacular “tantie” or “tanty” is used in place of aunty or auntie. It is supposed to be said as a form of respect but to me it represents an older woman ( which I have to confess I am but you know what happens when one is in denial).

That aside at the finish line, all finishers received a specially minted medal, a bottle of Gatorade, a bottle of water and then a host of goodies.

Those goodies included the opportunity for a massage if necessary. There was free doubles which was surprisingly quite good. For those wanting something non-vegetarian, there were chicken puffs. We were also given biscuits, plantain chips, cupcakes, watermelon, bananas, coffee, tea and milo.

I must mention the watermelon station in a little more detail. Those lovely girls who were serving treated me very kindly, giving in to my request to have my slices cut into little cubes to facilitate my special needs. I even got mine on a plate. Special thank you to those girls and their supervisor.

I know there were some information and health booths dealing with diabetes and heart conditions. And of course there was a doctor or two present and the requisite ambulance. There was a strong police presence all along the route.

I almost forgot to mention the Trinidad and Tobago cheerleaders. This band was clad in their blue shorts and tee- shirts and took us through a sequence of their moves.

The race itself was invigorating. I was of course very tired at the end. I did want to quit at about twelve and a half miles but it was still invigorating!

I did not quit! Thank you Lord! I made it to the end. I persevered. I stuck to my goal and grit my teeth and I made it. I took quite a long time but I made it. I completed the race in 2 hours 33 minutes and I am so happy with that.

My good friend was with me for most of the race. We did not train together but we ran the race together and we were compatible; that compatibility made the race even more enjoyable.

My mother and my son made a great sacrifice, getting up very early to get me at the start line at about 4:35 am. They followed the race and took some pictures but I am awaiting those files still.

I will probably write some more about this experience but I just wanted you to know that I did it.

Now on to the next race! Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know about the race and please leave a comment to let me know your thoughts on this feat. Be good and may you continue to walk in the grace of God.


6 Replies to “I Did It!”

  1. Hearty congratulations, Tanty! You did it in a good time too, beating many younger athletes. I hope to see you there again next year for Independence.


  2. First, congratulations on accomplishing this wonderful event. Pushing oneself to reaching new levels in life is rewarding and important for personal growth.

    In my opinion, your biggest accomplishment was NOT running the race, but rather (mentally) committing to the event. Without that commitment, the physical component of running the race would never have been possible. In life, most people define the tangible event or events as the goals. My concern with this concept is that “success” has a finite ending point. (ex. “I want to lose 25 pounds.”) If instead, we change our thought process and commit ourselves to CONCEPTS, our mission to achieve ongoing personal growth and development becomes a lifelong commitment. (ex.”I want to achieve and maintain a state of physical, mental and emotional health that provides me the opportunity to participate in any activity I choose.” This ongoing commitment to the CONCEPT provides motivation for purposeful living.

    Please excuse the long winded response. Your blog site made me believe your personality would appreciate the intended value of its content.

    Wishing you continued ongoing success in life.


    1. Thanks a million for the time you took to make such a valuable contribution! You are so right – the commitment was the key. Your insight into maintaining motivation is sharp and precise… and yes, my personal preference is indeed for this type of insight.

      Much appreciation and all the best to you too.

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