Day 3 Is it getting better?

I am so sorry. I had written this yesterday and thought I had posted it. Just found it in my drafts. I guess there is still some time left for the weekend.

Anyway before 2013, when I ran through the streets of San Fernando or Marabella, “Run Forrest run” was a common call out from the “fans”. Hence the first of quite a few pictures in this post.

I was also known as the “runner lady” by some folks who hung out at the Royal Road gas station in Mon Repos,  San Fernando.

You just completed week one of the six week plan to your first 5K! Amazing. You did it! You stuck it out for one week. Now to make it to the next day.

You have an idea of your level of fitness now. If you feel the plan is not challenging you sufficiently, you have the option to step up the plan.

You may do this in two ways:

(i) Increase the intensity of the workout by running the same times but at a faster pace or

(ii) increase the length of time for which you run, either by doing a few more repetitions or by increasing the time for each set.

I hope you have been eating your doubles and drinking your coconut water.

The outfits you workout in should be comfortable. Some prefer vests and shorts or track pants. Some use t-shirts and track pants. Some use hoodies or long sleeved jackets. The choice really is yours. I found pictures of exercise wear, some funny, some not so funny, some real and I just had to share. Forgive me if I went overboard with the pics.

I use t-shirts and track pants and if I had more in my closet, I would probably use long sleeves.

And a little something for the guys:

Headwear is useful if you run with the sun. I personally do not use caps but on the race day I just might because the sun may become a problem for me then.

This weekend is a good time for a massage. Use some muscle rub or some oil and if you have no one to do it for you, then do it for yourself. Do not leave out your shoulders. You will be amazed at the kind of relief you get with a good shoulder rub.

If you really want to up your training a notch though, find a location with some dogs. Adrenaline guaranteed! But seriously, do not try to increase too quickly. You could end up breaking down the body instead of building up and all the previous hard work will be lost in injury time.

What would you do if something else came up on your training day? Would you or would you not train?


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