Painful or pain full? Children killing children.

Boy, 10, killed in gun play

My heart is filled with so much pain on reading this: pain for the family without one of its members forever; pain for the child who has lost a vital part of his childhood having committed this act; pain for the child who was wounded and is hospitalised; and pain for the larger picture.

What really is the larger picture? In my mind it is the steady decline in morality in our society, the growing lack of respect for life and the frightening sub-culture of weaponry education (not even sure if that makes sense but it so aptly says what is in my mind.)

Many are focussing on the ever-increasing number of photos displaying kids with guns surfacing on social media sites.

These bring into the spotlight the possibility that this may not have been an odd incident of children playing with the gun of an adult without the adult’s cognizance or compliance.

What of the scenario where the children may be encouraged in holding guns to become familiar with the feel of a weapon, to learn how to hold it properly?

You know, like how one would lend a child a cricket bat to become used to holding it so that when the time comes to use it, the child will be suitably prepped.

Time is spent on developing their gun toting skills so that when they are older the gun becomes like a third appendage.

Little time appears to be spent on developing morals and values. There appears to be a corresponding decline in spirituality with the increasing lack of compassion and respect for human life.

I shudder whenever I hear of a shooting, particularly when it results in death. I shudder for the usual reasons. I also react from the perspective of a former victim.

I wondered then and still do, how could someone have watched me, at such close range, and fired at me, with no care if I lived or died? Perhaps whoever it was even wanted me to die!

I wondered how it is that I was such an easy going person and someone would have such hatred for me… and that someone did not even know me.

I wondered what could have gone so wrong that someone had to shoot at me, a harmless person, unarmed, a person who would do almost anything for anyone, where was the compassion?

As a society we really do have to take stock. We cannot go on with superficial caring, being hurt in reaction to some incident, soon to forget when some other sensational news item emerges.

I accept my own lack of conviction. I feel but I do nothing about it. I write in response to the occasional incident.

I have planned programmes, just waiting to deliver them to the right forum, to anyone willing to accomodate me, but that is where I have reached.

I have planned. I now have to execute. I will be starting when school re-opens. I have approached a couple schools and have received positive feedback.

My plan is to attack from a spiritual point of view. I am not restricting my strategy to religion.

There is much to learn about mercy, forgiveness, compassion, humility, integrity, peace, love and purity of heart and purpose.

I end still on a saddened note. What kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren if we do not impart values and morals to them?

Tell me your views on the scourge of violence and lack of respect for life plaguing our universe. What is your individual contribution to dissipate the insidious  and obvious evils of crime and violence which are threatening to envelope  all people?


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