Day 2 Doing it like a pro!

Yay!! You did some jogging yesterday. How do you feel? Was it too much? Was it just right or not enough?

One of my friends said that the sweating was like a pig. I enjoyed that. My reply: soon enough it will be more like a warthog and I should have said like a horse, then like an elephant…

It is so exciting to share these precious times with you all. I even got my mother to walk again yesterday and I upped her time without her realising or fussing. Talk about a sense of accomplishment.

I hope  now that you are a runner, you pay attention to details about yourself as you train. Some people have a problem with chaffing when they workout. The combination of friction and perspiration causes extreme discomfort. If this happens to you, maybe later on if it has not happened as yet, then try using some Vaseline ( a type of petroleum jelly) on the prone areas.

It may also be a good idea to walk with an extra jersey or tee shirt to change into after the workout. The reason for this trade secret is that you begin to feel cold after running when the breeze hits your sweat drenched body.

As you rest today, remember if you are able you may still take a casual walk, take in the scenery, observe others running and walking, listen to the birds and enjoy the outdoors and the sunset.

You will be ready and rearing to go for tomorrow’s workout which is deliberately the same as yesterday’s. This way you gradually become accustomed to one level before progressing to the next. It is a means of priming you.

By the way I was looking at the table of the plan and found that it looks a little confusing as there are no lines. Please let me know at any time if you are not sure where the day’s plan begins or ends.

Just as a heads up, each session begins with a warm up: “Walk 4 mins, jog 1 min, stretch.”

Then there is the day’s workout.

Each session then ends with: “Stretch”

Those tips may be useful in discerning the start and end of the session.

Congratulations again!!

Remember the route to the finish line is paved with discipline, devotion and diligence, not to mention lots of cheering fans and at the finish there just might be a shiny medal and a cold drink!

I look forward to hearing of your results. Please let me know if you are experiencing any difficulty.


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