Your First Day!

How was it? How was your first day on the six week plan?

My mother courageously donned her walking gear and took up the challenge. Of course after only four minutes she wanted to go back home!

I hope you stuck to the plan;perhaps you even did a little more.

Today is the rest day. You may still go outdoors for a stroll but let it be light and enjoyable. Tomorrow’s goal must be met.

The breath-taking sunset is always my favourite part of being outdoors in the evening. Sometimes it is the morning sunrise.

Remember when you complete a workout, to rehydrate, preferably with some coconut water. I recently came across an article that postulated the benefits of cactus water as a rehydrant! Check it out but don’t go attacking your neighbours cactus plant and squeezing the life out of it please!

Do your stretches please. Surging onward with the plan will be less torturous if stretching is carried out religiously.

As tempting as it may be to reward yourself with a (Scooby) snack, defer it for the next day and the next day until eventually you may be less vulnerable to its luring call.

Good job if you started yesterday. If you did not you can still begin tomorrow. Flirt with fitness, make a date with yourself and begin a thrilling voyage into the secret world of running aficionados.

I need to change my shoes soon but for now I am using a Saucony running shoe (will have to check the model).


Tell me please what type of shoe are you using?


2 Replies to “Your First Day!”

  1. Cactus ? Would that be Aloevera? Coz that stuff is magical, Harry Potter magical. You run in my favorite brand! Right now I’m Saucony Oasis 2 that replaced my ignition 4s – I bought some Salomon XRMission 1 and put 14 miles on them and couldn’t deal with the pain anymore


  2. I don’t think they meant aloevera but you are correct, aloe is magical.
    Great brand Saucony. I think it is the best for running so when replacing my current pair I will stick with that brand. Thanks for the info.


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