21st July 2015


Retrain your brain by becoming aware of thoughts, emotions and sensations. Do this in the present moment, observing yourself as a casual onlooker might do.

May you be blessed profusely.

20th July 2015


The greatest power at your disposal is the power of prayer and submission.

May you be blessed profusely.

19th July 2015


Break down the confining walls forged by an unforgiving attitude. To be truly free, to align your life for success, requires that you be non-judgmental, compassionate and forgiving.

May you be blessed profusely.

18th July 2015


Take deep breaths to achieve a calm disposition. By doing this you can calm those around you and through the ripple effect, many, many others.
May you be blessed profusely.

17th July 2015


It is not always easy but we ought to accept each moment as it comes. By savouring each morsel of time in the knowledge that it is a privilege and not your entitlement, you can achieve happiness, peace and success.
May you be blessed profusely.

16th July 2015


As you surround yourself with positive people and experiences, remember to exude the positive thoughts and emotions already within you.

May you be blessed profusely.

15th July 2015


Consider the wonder of you today! You are custom made with love, compassion, wisdom and generosity.
You have what it takes to shine brightly in the darkest corner.

May you be blessed profusely.

14th July 2015

Look around at the beauty of nature and give thanks to our Maker for being alive, being able to see, hear, smell and appreciate the wonders around you.

May you be blessed profusely.

13th July 2015


The above was so cute I had to use it but… the word is hiding and while it may be useful on the occasion, there are other ways to respond to a problem or challenge.

Choose your response to stress so that by your choice you will experience growth and become empowered.
May you be blessed profusely.

12th July 2015

Be still and let God’s love flow, so that you will act like a conductor, taking His love to others.
May you be blessed profusely.


11th July 2015

Face troubles head on, paying attention to what works best for you. In so doing you build a repertoire of actions from which to choose, to best cope with any situation.

May you be blessed profusely.

10th July 2015

Live in the present moment, trusting God implicitly.

May you be blessed profusely.

9th July 2015

The choices you deliberately, mindfully make empower you to lead an exceptional life.


8th July 2015

Loving others requires self- love.
Loving yourself means letting go of negative thoughts and emotions and holding fast to forgiveness, appreciation and generosity.

May you be blessed profusely. SHAPE  \* MERGEFORMAT


1st July 2015

You have the wisdom and strength to overcome any difficulty when you hold firmly to your faith.

2nd July 2015

Gently let go of the past so you can welcome the present with full focus.

3rd July 2015

Express gratitude for all that you already have in your life… and you do have a lot!

5th July 2015

Spending time with loved ones, sharing a meal, remembering treasured moments together: wonderful ways to power up and to overcome daily stresses.




6th July 2015

Be deliberate in your thoughts and actions. This requires slowing down physically and mentally but doing so results in accelerated spiritual growth.
May you be blessed profusely.



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