The future of TnT

About two weeks ago, I attended the graduation of Class of 2015 from the Pointe-a-Pierre Government Primary School (PAPGPS).

The school is located in pristine settings, just outside the bounds of the city of San Fernando. It falls within the area of Pointe-a-Pierre that is owned by Petrotrin formerly Trintoc and Texaco, our state oil refinery.

The school is tucked away into a neat little niche surrounded by fruit trees, mainly a variety of mango trees and at least one sapodilla tree.

PAPGPS is a small school, in physical size and population. There are less than one hundred students and a teaching staff of nine including the principal.

The graduating class comprised ten students.

However this did not diminish the pomp and ceremony accompanying their graduation function.


It was a grand affair with the students clad in graduation robes, teachers dressed to the nines and the schools main classroom area transformed into a beautifully decorated hall.

“Be Strong and Courageous” was the theme for the graduation, a fitting theme given the challenges to be faced by the young ones as they transition to secondary school.


But it is even more fitting in the context of the different types of turbulence facing our nation and the world in general in terms of violence, cyber crimes, devaluation of family life and morals and values and spiritual backsliding.

The function began with a procession of the graduating students. There were some exceptional cultural items, the launch of the school’s website, the traditional valedictory speech, the feature address by yours truly and of course the presentation of prizes and awards.

I have never seen so many prizes for such a small institution. These people really know a thing or two about motivation and appreciation.

A sign of the progressive approach of the school is their initiative to develop their own website. You may view it at

The function ended on a high note with a celebratory lunch.

Special thanks to the Prinicpal, Mr. Winston Lochan and his staff for inviting me to share with them on such a grand occasion.

Do you remember your own graduation from primary school?


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