Troubled times… hold on to hope.

I just read this article about the murder of a man in south Trinidad near his own home.

These types of incidents leave such a bitter taste. There are so many factors which have to come into play.

Why did it happen? Who did it? Was it a hit? Was it a random shooting? A robbery attempt? Were the killers known to the deceased? What about his family? Are they going to be safe now? Do they have any information that may assist police? Would they be willing to share such information?

The questions are endless. The answers… well do not waste time waiting for them.

So many families have been affected by this sort of crime. How does one not lose hope, surrounded by stark disrespect for life and sometimes wanton destruction of lives, even in the case of survivors?

As easy though as it may be to become drawn in by the ever-churning quicksand of hopelessness, it must be avoided.

When we lose hope, we lose humanity, we lose choice.

Hold on to hope, spread its light, whatever your hope may be. My hope is in my Lord.

Lord help us all!


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