In trouble? Call. Psalm 50:15

We all have had unexpected situations arise; situations which demanded the application of a specific skills set in order to arrive at a solution.

Practically this could mean, calling a plumber to repair a leaking faucet or a clogged line; it may also refer to seeking a mason for house repairs or a carpenter for a cupboard. Perhaps you or your child may need tutoring in an academic field of pursuit; this requires expertise in that field.

So you call on the plumber or other skilled professional in your time of need. What happens then? Your need is attended to, your problem is handled and a solution is found, either by the person you called or another recommendation.

With your crisis averted, the bill is produced and you pay for the service rendered; you pay, whether happily or not, because your problem has been solved.

Daily routines revert to normal, no longer hampered by the discomfort previously caused by the leaking tap or other problem. You are so grateful that you tell your neighbors, your family and your friends.

You may even tell strangers you encounter with similar problems, highly recommending the services of the one who helped you in your time of need.

Psalm 50:15 (And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me) reminds us that we have access to the highest Authority in our times of need: moral, physical, emotional or spiritual. In crisis times or times of trouble we may supplicate to God and are given the assurance and certainty that he will respond.

This Psalm has been described as “one of the most majestic compositions of this book” (

It opens by paying tribute to the greatness and ubiquitous presence of God. It ends with a call for sustained and sincere obedience as well as a warning to the wicked.

At a deeper level, the Psalmist calls out the practices of the religious leaders of Israel of his time. The systematic approach to worship adopted by those leaders was condemned.

Steadfast offering of sacrifices is regarded as a ritualistic approach unless it is accompanied by the true seeking of a spiritual relationship with God.

Instead of those ancient practices, a believer needs to rely on God for help in trouble; he needs to call on him confidently for assistance; and be so gracious upon receiving help, as to proclaim the glory of God.

To develop a meaningful relationship with God requires:

  • Giving due thanks and praise to God
  • Calling on him in our desperate times and times of trouble
  • Believing that he will be of comfort to us in such times
  • Giving glory and honor to his name for his grace.

God does not require nor want anything material that we may offer to him. All that is of this earth is already his.

He wants us to offer our praise and thanks. He wants us to call on Him and depend on him in confidence. He just wants us.

We call for help with a leaking pipe then sing the praises of the plumber who provided the service to the next person we meet: word of mouth advertising.

Similarly we must remember to sing God’s praises to others when we are comforted as we call to him for help.

Do have a wonderful day, filled with love, both given and received.

What did God do most recently to make you sing his praises to others?  It would be wonderful if you could share your experience and in so doing spread the word of his glory.


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