An Oasis of Love and Hope

Nestled amidst the hustle and bustle of traffic along the Lady Young Road in Morvant, North Trinidad, is a fortress. It was described, by some of its members, as an oasis in an area that has gained a notorious reputation as a result of criminal activities.

The Church on the Rock: a haven for the heavy-hearted, a shelter for those who are sad and an oasis in times of weariness.

Last Saturday, on the 9th of May, the day before Mother’s Day, I was invited, along with my family and any guests I desired to take with me, to the annual Single Mother’s Convention at the Church on the Rock. My mother was the only guest I took.

I was asked to be one of the speakers at the Convention on the advice of the Victim Support Foundation.

I am so happy that I went; so grateful that I was invited to be a part of such a selfless and service-oriented event. The women all looked wonderful and were blessed to have been there but, on close observation, one could detect the underlying layers of pain and hurt that had brought them to this place.

Again it brought me joy that I could have shared my own story to bring just a glimmer of hope, a spark of renewal to at least one person there that day. The theme for the Convention was

“Restoration is Promised”

and the scripture of inspiration was taken from Jeremiah 30:17:

“For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thy wounds.”

The morning started with a prayer and the introduction of the chairperson, Ms Candice Campbell. Ms Campbell is so unassuming; she has a powerful and commanding voice housed in a tiny body. Of course, she is a radio announcer at one of Trinidad’s foremost radio stations for women.


Next came the worship session with worship leader, Ms. Phyllis Roberts. This was an inspiring way to start off the convention. The song of the day came from Psalm 122:

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.”


The first speaker was Ms. Kathleen Eustache-Bascombe. This lady of strength and beauty is a widow who shared her life’s story, fraught with many trials and testing of faith. She remained anchored in her faith regardless of her many difficulties.


Above: Seated at center is Ms Eustache-Bascombe. At left is my mother.

Ms Eustache-Bascombe had us all holding onto her every word. Her voice was soothing; her story was exceptional. There was a quiet confidence about her and a peace that could come only from knowledge of and submission to God.

As the morning progressed, after my own delivery, participants were invited to an altar call. One of the women had a tremendous experience with God which left her physically exhausted but spiritually rejuvenated.

Then the ladies were blessed in song with an energetic performance by Donald Job.

morgan job

As the convention came to a close there was an introductory session of Zumba as a means of exercise, dance and stress relief. The women really enjoyed this one.

DSC00955 DSC00956

We were then invited to lunch after which gifts and prizes were distributed. I must mention the great homemade peanut ice cream with which we were treated for dessert.

DSC00959 DSC00960 DSC00961


Above: receiving appreciation!

All in all a great day, well spent in the company of women celebrating women. Such a powerful reminder that this coming together of people of different backgrounds is what creates and has created the driving force for forward momentum


Thanks to the Victim Support Foundation. Thanks to the Church on the Rock.

Thank you Lord, for your mercies and your grace and for your promises of restoration, renewal and healing.

What do you think about the Church’s initiative to honour and assist Single Mothers? Do you know any single mothers? How can anyone be of greater help to single mothers?


2 Replies to “An Oasis of Love and Hope”

  1. It really was! There was one young woman whose sad demeanor and story really got to me. It reminded me to be grateful for life.

    Thank you for your continued encouragement, my friend.


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