Authority with humility

This evening I attended a service at Susamachar Presbyterian Church in San Fernando, Trinidad. The church has been the venue for the annual Keswick Convention for many years now.

The speaker for this series of services, which are to be held twice a day(11:30 am to 12:30 am and again at 7:00pm) over the next four days, is Rev. Dr. Jonathan Lamb.

Here is one link to find out more about Rev Lamb:

I saw the banner last week, then I heard him preaching at the First Church of the Open Bible on Sunday. I listened to the streaming version on Sunday.

I was impressed then by the calmness and soothing tone of his voice as well as by the quality of his address.

This evening he summed up what he represents, without meaning to do so: authority with humility.

In his delivery he made five points about Christian Priorities based on scripture taken from

2 Corinthians 4: 1-6:

(i) Know God’s call
(ii) Explain God’s word truthfully
(iii) Proclaim God’s Son
(iv) Serve God’s people
(v) Trust God’s power.

He is simple yet profound. In making point four, he emphasised that we are here to be of service to others and we ought to do this with authority and humility.

He models those words: authority and humility.

Even though the lights went out as he preached, he persevered. The glow from one source provided sufficient light for us to see each other but not to read. He was given someone’s cell phone to use as a light source as he completed the message.

The quaintness of everyone moving closer together, of him having to throw his voice without the aid of a microphone and of the singing without music sealed the deal for me: this was indeed an inspirational evening; one well spent. I will definitely make the effort to attend some, if not all, of the remaining services.

At the end of the service I approached the front of the church where he was located. I stood toward his right side and was prepared to wait as one would normally do with other persons of interest. He turned to me immediately and we were able to converse. As I left he bid me goodbye by my name. Authority with humility!

Do you practise authority with humility?


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