Do you have a tune?

The words below came to me one morning as I waited patiently to begin a Chemistry moderation session with a school in South Trinidad.

Moderation is part of the process involved in the School Based Assessment for the examining body, CXC (Caribbean Examination Council). The moderator visits the school, after having made an appointment through the principal. Here the moderator observes a class of students as they perform a practical exercise in the presence of their teacher. Both teacher and moderator assign marks according to a mark scheme designed by the teacher for the practical selected.

As usual I was early on that day, and occupied myself with thoughts and reading as I waited. But for some reason that day, I could not get these words out of my head and so I hastily scribbled them on a scrap of paper that I had used previously to take notes at a meeting. I worked quickly so as not to forget and not to be interrupted in case the teacher I was moderating was ready for me. The only problem is that I kept singing the words in my head but not being musically inclined I am unable to bring to life and reality the song in my head. I hope someone out there can help.

In praise!

I want to sing!

I want to praise!

I want to tell everyone about his grace.

I love the Lord!

For he is good!

He brings me through the fire and the grave.

Oh yes I want to shout his praise

Shout aloud for all to hear

To know of him

To know of his mercy and his love

Thank you God

Thank you Lord up above.

You want us to be saved

You want to give

You blessed us with the life of your son

You gave us love

You forgave our sins

You bought us with the blood of Christ.

There is light

There is hope

There is love

Thank you Lord, thank you Lord

Thank you forever O my God.

Do you think we have a song in the making?


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