A gift for Mother’s Day!


A story of love, unconditional and boundless, is set against the backdrop of violence and a struggle for life.

This story tells of how an estranged daughter, a family’s only daughter, is drawn back into the fold of love and family fellowship as a result of an encounter which left her unable to look after herself.

A trail of spiritual renewal is traced out as the story unfolds.

The faith of a mother, herself dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer, mastectomy and chemotherapy, is tested as she has to face the terrible news of her only daughter being shot in the face and left fighting for her life at hospital.

The strength of two brothers, and their dedication to family life, is revealed as they ensure every avenue for reconstruction and healing is explored.

An only son’s worst nightmare! His mother …shot in an attempted robbery. His faith, his hope and his resilience prove to be the pride and joy of his mother.

This story of love, family, fellowship and renewal focusses on the healing that takes place in the face of senseless violence.

It provides hope for families, for anyone who has had tragic or seemingly hopeless challenges.

Good reading for Mother’s Day…From Lion to Lamb A Spiritual Journey!

Available at RIK nationwide, Paper Based at the Normandie, both in Trinidad, W.I.  and online at Amazon.com, in hard copy and kindle. Or you can call 1-868-370-4086 for further information.


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