Forgiveness at Canterbury

We got there at least a half an hour before the actual start time. The interviewer arrived at almost the same time as we did!

The venue: the Canterbury Retreat and Conference Center: a sanctuary set against the backdrop of a lake, surrounded by stately trees. What better place to host an interview about a spiritual journey? What better day than Good Friday? Who could have been more apt to conduct the interview than someone who had read the book from start to finish in four hours?

I was greeted with the words: ” Hi its so nice to finally meet you. I feel as though I have known you all my life.” (I am sure I must have paraphrased but the essence remains the same). How gratifying to meet someone, whom I had never met before, never known before, someone who could have related so well with me just from reading the book!

I was led into a cozy living room setting, where my mum, my uncle and I were invited to make ourselves comfortable. The pre-interview had begun. I was impressed with the interviewer’s knowledge of the book – he had read and internalized it. He had just two items which could have been curved balls and so he broached them now, so I could have time to ponder on my answers.

The first item dealt with the issue of forgiveness for my attacker or attackers. The second issue required that I postulate what I would say to the attacker should I meet him face to face someday. Wow! talk about powerful.

I will be posting more details in a later post, along with either a summary or a video clip of the interview. This is just a teaser!

Do you think you could be forgiving to someone who perpetrated an act of violence against you, causing trauma to your family and loved ones and bringing your life to a turning point? What would you say to that someone if ever you should meet him or her?

Leave a comment to let me know how you think you might react or even if you just want to know how I handled those two issues above.


2 Replies to “Forgiveness at Canterbury”

  1. Wow, that is tough. I have forgiven many people in my life, but I never forget. As I worked in a maximum security prison for 22 years I am well aware of what pure evil is as I have stared into the eyes of Satan through the souls of killers. This would be my main question… Was the act committed because of some type of drug withdrawal or a basic need to feed one’s family, or was it an act of pure evil? I can forgive those who make stupid choices and do stupid things, but as for evil, I can never forgive Satan for acting out of selfish hatred. I don’t even know if that makes sense. Yea, it’s a tough question.


    1. Yeah I think it makes sense, especially coming from someone who has worked for so long in that type of environment.
      The criminals who did this to me, had committed several crimes the very same night just before getting to me. I think these “persons” would be classified as evil.
      However that said, I pray for them that one day they may benefit from God’s grace and I mean that sincerely.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion.

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