Visit to My Uncle’s

I have been off the radar for a while. The last nine days have been spent on vacation with my uncle and his family in Deltona, Florida. I was accompanied by my mother.

I have been getting used to a different schedule, different foods and more. I even broke my diet from sugar! I had to try some donuts and a slice of key lime pie.

I left Trinidad on Monday 30th at 6:45 am. This required getting up at 1:30 am to leave home to get to the airport in time: I have my daily routine which I did not want to sacrifice – reflections and eating before showering and changing.

The experience was great. This was the first time I had traveled outside of Trinidad since 1988! Yeah, I think things were changed a bit.

We travelled from Trinidad to Miami International, spent eight hours in transit before connecting to Orlando. The flight to Orlando was just about an hour long and we were fortunate to arrive about nine at night, just when Disney and the other parks were closing; just in time to see the fireworks from a couple thousand feet above. It was spectacular.

We were seated close to the front of the airplane. This happened because someone else had requested a seat change and we were happy to accommodate such a change because we were originally at the back. The result is that I was the second person off the plane. The man in front of me was very tall, with long legs. I decided to make a competition out of seeing who would arrive first for their luggage.

Well I got onto the air train first. That also was quite an experience. However once we dismounted, his long legs got the better of me. Also I think he caught on to my game. No problem. I let him lead the way because I was uncertain as to exactly where I was going.

Anyway the result of disembarking early is that my uncle did not see either my mother, who lagged not far behind, or myself. He eventually met us as we collected our luggage. I must add not before panicking and calling my brother, who just happened to be in Fort Lauderdale for the week.

Finally we headed to my uncle’s home, tired but happy to be visiting with him and his family. The drive seemed to last so long. It probably took us about an hour to get to his home and we were exhausted by that time. Food was out of the question for me. Mum did eat a little.

The following morning we got up early to set out to meet my brother and his girlfriend, Indira, at a halfway point between Deltona and Fort Lauderdale. The meeting place was Port St Lucie. The drive would have been four hours either direction had my uncle dropped us all the way but my brother compromised and met him half way.

We got to Indira’s home at night and after chatting and eating we retired relatively early. The next morning was tough. We got up very early to set out to see the Florida Keys. Wow that was a long drive but so scenic! It was definitely worth the while to drive to the southernmost point, to see Earnest Hemingway’s house and to experience the hospitality of the folksy Blue Heaven restaurant. Now that was an experience. Mind you we decided not to eat there but the outdoor ambience was fantastic. There were chickens all around.The sun was hot but the outdoor area was so cool with all the trees; the decor was absolutely rustic and there was even a young country style band performing! Yeah that was something to remember.

We left there and eventually ended up at a restaurant and bar called Half Shell Raw. They offered fresh seafood. Unfortunately, before I left Trinidad, I had a minor setback with my mouth. This left me unable once again to eat regular foodstuff. I am able, at least  for a while, to partake only in soft foods and liquids. That did not stop the others. They ordered shrimp and salmon. I was told that it was quite good.

Thankfully I was able to eat the key lime pie. That was a slice of awesomeness! Maybe because my intake was limited or maybe it was just really good, but I did enjoy that dessert tremendously.

We did not arrive back to base until late that night. I slept most of the way back but was still able to sleep when we did get home.

The following day, Thursday,  we returned to my uncle’s place…again at night, after seven.

On the Friday morning I would have an interview and book signing at seven. I will write about that in the next post.

So far the trip has been exciting. The people have been welcoming everywhere that we went. The weather has been good – sunshine but chilly breeze. I feel cold most of the time.

This is truly a well deserved rest and getaway from the last two stressful years. I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to jump into any challenge, ready to start anew.

What do you do to unwind? When did you last take a vacation? Why don’t you leave a comment, perhaps you can recommend some place of interest in the Deltona area, that I can visit before I leave. Finally, if you get a chance you can check out my book so you can be tuned in with me for the next post when I share about the interview at the Christian Chamber of Commerce.


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