An evening of Hope with AFETT

It was an evening of inspiration! I was blessed to be in the company of independent women; women of intellect and influence. More importantly, the privilege was mine to be part of a support network for women, for a few hours, and it reminded me that the driving force for change is generally born out of an assembly of women.

I was the guest speaker at the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad and Tobago (AFETT) on Thursday 26th February, 2015. The evening began at about 6:00 pm with an informal gathering and networking. Women ranging in age from their twenties to seventies were present. There was also a group from the Home Mortgage Bank. They were the guest presenters that evening.

Everyone was warmly welcomed and greeted each other with genuine interest as they extended the hand of friendship. It was truly energizing to be among women who had made the choice to empower themselves by working for themselves or by occupying vital positions in their workplace.

These women were serious about their lives and the direction in which they were heading. They were and are willing to do what it takes, to learn or to be coached to draw that much closer to their goals. They were women of substance, able to empathize with each others’ concerns, willing to advise or direct in an effort to be of assistance to their sister in business.

I shared with them my story and used it to illustrate some steps anyone may adopt when faced with a challenging situation. Challenges are all around us; they are customised for each of us, depending on our personalities, our means and our levels of resilience. It would be an error to believe that someone else’s trouble is larger than another’s: although one person’s tribulation may seem greater, nobody’s pain should minimize the pain that someone else is experiencing.


One person’s trial may be to lose out on an important deal or work opportunity because of tardiness; someone may have been involved in an accident or had a relative or friend involved in an accident; or it could be a health issue. Whatever the nature of the problem, we all face troubles.

How we handle our situation is what will determine how well be bounce back from the fall. We really have only two choices: to choose to wallow in self-pity and adopt a victim mentality; or to choose to rise triumphantly out of the ashes like the proverbial phoenix. It is  simple but it is not necessarily easy.

Being a runner of sorts, I recommend approaching this rise like a long distance race and not like a sprint. It requires a slow, steady start and pacing oneself for the long haul so as to preserve energy and strength to make it to the finish line, without hitting the wall as they say.

Prior to race day, training, rest and diet are important: the runner has to prime his diet with energy and protein rich foods and ensure that he is properly hydrated. When faced with adversity, it is necessary to come to terms with it, before being able to begin to work on overcoming the challenge and rebuilding affected aspects of your life.

A heartfelt thank you to the women of AFETT. May you grow stronger in and through faith and may God’s blessings abound as you hold fast to His word, sharing with and supporting each other.

In my next post, I will look at some of the steps I shared with the women of AFETT on recognising that there is always hope, although there may be trouble all around us. How do you react when faced with difficulty?  Please leave a comment if you want to share or if you want to know more or to let me know if you are part of a support group for women or any support group for that matter. I would enjoy hearing from you.


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