Extract the extraneous!

closed door

I opened the door to my past, to find

the vivid hues of camaraderie in my mind,

had faded into grey.

Too much noise, little substance,

dancing the worldly dance

to the tune of the day.

The present has brought me to a higher plane

where another might go insane

along the way.

Realisation dawned like the morning sun;

for, as they were thinking such fun,

I was in dismay!

Yet it was a time for optimism, to know

that a friend had become a foe,

in the past now to stay.

Walking into the ethereal fertile morrow,

leaving with no sorrow,

not a word to say.

The door behind leads to nowhere,

so gently I close it, with no fear,

my essence to obey.

Life is fleeting. Life is volatile. Life is unpredictable. The director of your life determines the important characters of the play that is your life. When the director changes, the characters will likely change depending on the director’s criteria.

A worldly director has criteria  which result in the selection of transient thespians. Those in your life because of possessions, status, power or favours are most likely just trespassing. Value added to your life soon reaches a plateau. At this point a decision has to be made: stay or say goodbye.

Bidding adieu is not always bad; if done with class, the possibility for re-grouping, when both parties have progressed to the same level, remains open.

A Higher Director in your life’s play lays down spiritual criteria appointing permanent contributors. All performers and lines follow the Director’s will, not seeking temporal gratification but spiritual edification.  Value is added in progression beyond compare.

Will you choose to remain with a worldly director or will you eagerly enlist with a Higher Director? I choose the path that leads to eternal peace, even if my cast of actors has to diminish.


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