Time to give!


Hello! Christmas is fast approaching. Have you gotten your gifts for all your loved ones? As the time draws ever so near, you may begin to worry about the growing lines of traffic both on the roads and in the stores. The thought of lining up to pay for some item that you rushed in to get for someone you may have almost forgotten, makes you feel nauseated. So what are you to do?

Time is running out.
• You love that warm feeling when your loved one receives a present,
• You know that you still want to give everyone something at this time even though right now
you are thinking to abandon the idea,
• but… you have to work so time to shop is limited;
• You have to use your free time to clean and decorate the house;
• and you still have to bake!

How are you going to meet the fast approaching deadline? It’s really not that difficult. In today’s technological age, there is internet shopping. Thank goodness for Amazon. Shopping has never been easier. You sit in the comfort of your home and select the item of your choice. The length of time for payment is determined by the speed of your connection.

Ahh yes, the wonderful internet: a saving grace for shoppers or a different problem? But what if you do not know what to give your family and friends? What do you get for:
• grandparents,
• parents,
• children,
• spouse,
• boy or girl friend,
• teenagers,
• younger children,
• family friends,
• neighbors and
• co-workers?

Gifts of clothing would be tricky; you would have to be certain of sizes. What do you get then?
Let us think about it for a while… not too long as time is short. What are your ideas? Please let me know as this is the season for sharing. I look forward to your reply.


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