Don’t allow yourself to remain a victim!

I promised to do two posts to give you an idea of the program I have created. Today I will give you a little extra. We have talked about feeling overwhelmed by adversity, about feeling fatigued and about steps you can take to combat these feelings. Sometimes even when you persevere, when you move against the tide like the salmon does as it moves upstream, you begin to feel hopeless. It seems as though the harder you try, the more opposition you face.
What can you do to combat the feeling of being a victim of circumstance? What can you do to empower yourself and rise triumphantly with genuine peace and happiness out of despair or hopelessness or challenges of varying sorts?
There is a way to take full control of your destiny. Despite any negativity in your life, you can move forward positively, successfully, removing deadened layers of defeat, acceptance and apathy to reveal an under glow of satisfaction and triumph.
When you are ready to take that bold step forward, to release the shackles restraining you from the fullness of life; to boost your creativity and productivity to soaring heights then you may contact me at I look forward to your comments and to hearing from you. God bless.

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