Mr Philip G. Rochford, mentor, life coach, author

As I was writing my book, From Lion to Lamb A Spiritual Journey, I recognized the need for assistance in several areas: editing; publishing; and adding international appeal and professionalism. Little did I know, when my elder brother suggested one Mr. Philip G. Rochford, that I would be fortunate enough to discover one individual who would be able to embrace all these areas. More than that I could never have imagined the support, encouragement and friendship which would be sourced from this person, whom I had only heard and read about prior to this.

I approached the erudite gentleman via Skype and phone calls. He questioned my reasons for writing the book, he asked indirectly about how much I believed in the book and why I felt he would be interested. After agreeing to look at my first draft, Mr. Rochford agreed to do the foreword. I was thrilled. He also suggested options for self-publishing. He was open with his information and provided invaluable guidance, whether I asked or not.

When I was ready for editing, Mr. Rochford again proved to be a tower of support, information and assistance. His feedback was prompt, efficient and suitably pitched. He made his corrections with perspicuity and sensitivity. He made regular phone calls, checking on my progress, fertilizing my sometimes faltering determination and teaching me about patience. I have learnt so much from this gentleman in the months of making his acquaintance and it is so amazing that we have only met two times in person.


Mr. Rochford has brought home for me the importance of having someone to lend a helping hand and a sympathetic ear. He acted as my personal coach during the time I really needed one, without even knowing that I needed such help. In today’s post I have included part of his speech given at the launch of my book. It makes for good reading and truly demonstrates the philanthropy of the man. Here is the summary of his speech:

“What does the book “From Lion to Lamb” show you? This tragic event shows that any adverse situation can be overcome with faith, courage and commitment. Caron being shot by bandits evoked physical distress, mental distress, emotional distress and consequential spiritual awakening. These elements also occur whenever you are challenged in your various situations.

Since we are human, any challenge or difficult situation expresses itself in our physical body. The manner in which we handle that physical distress is important to how our life’s journey continues. In Caron’s case she adapted to her new physical condition. She did not let physical adversity stop her from continuing  a positive life.

Our emotions unconsciously control our actions and our thoughts. These emotions are positive and negative: for example, love, peace, joy, anger, hate and sorrow. You have to intelligently control your emotions both your emotions and the emotions of others in your space. From Lion to Lamb demonstrates how Caron dealt with her emotions.

Our thinking defines us. Thinking is complex. Moreover, research shows that we have thousands of thoughts each day. Thinking is at the base of our spiritual awareness. In moments of distress and challenge there is an opening to reflect and become more aware that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Caron passed through this door of calamity and emerged with a spiritual awakening dedicated to the rest of her life.

Caron nearly lost her life due to a shooting incident. After all is said and done, what is the purpose of life? Each person expresses the purpose differently, but there are four underlying foundation steps for everyone: to love, create, learn and share. From Lion to Lamb is Caron’s way to share her experiences and insights that others might benefit. Thank you Caron Asgarali for sharing.”

And thank you Mr. Philip G. Rochford for everything you have done to help me make this possible.

Do you agree with Mr. Rochford: do we need to have at least one other person on our side in this journey of life and do we need to share? I would be happy to hear your comments. Until the next post, I wish you an enlightening time.


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