Hydration for health

To be in the pink of health, there are several recommended lifestyle choices. You alone have the power to determine the choices you make. This post will look at the need for proper hydration to promote health. In doing extra reading I came across some really good posts by other people that I would like to share with you. These blogs are comprehensively written and so I feel compelled to share them as they are – pure and unadulterated as your water should be.


The first recommended post reminds us of the importance of the type of water we imbibe. Perhaps the worst choice apart from water from lead pipes, is some of our bottled water choices. I will refrain from brand names but plastic bottles, questionable hygiene and pH values are just some of the concerns about bottled water. I will not even get into storage practices!

water 2

Filtered water using a combined system of powdered charcoal and a UV system is perhaps one of the best choices for potable water. There are quite a few good systems available. It may well be worth your health to consider investing in one of these systems, even though you may find it pricey. The link is below; please do take the time to read it.


The next recommended article seems to be an advertisement for a system. I am in no way connected to that system except that I find the information in the article quite enlightening. Select the good, ignore the commercial aspect if you will but do read the scientific background about how the body uses the different available forms of water:




The final recommendation is easy reading and indicates the percentage of water in the body, the symptoms of dehydration, and the benefits of consuming an adequate volume of water daily.



So we are made up of a lot of that colourless liquid which it seems is essential to life. That ubiquitous oxide of hydrogen is needed for transport of essential nutrients and oxygen in our cells; it maintains cellular pressure; it detoxifies and helps regulate body temperatures. Without it we run the risk of dehydration and death; our skin dries out; respiration and digestion are compromised; and  of course if we remain dehydrated for approximately five days we may die. If you are concerned about feeling better, having more energy, looking youthful or just generally health conscious, then you need to be aware of your water consumption level. You need to up the intake of fluids, particularly water. Isotonic fluids such as coconut water are also recommended.


Do you think you drink enough water? How much water do you need for optimum health? I would really like to hear your view. Until the next post when I will discuss eating for health, do have a good day or night.


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