Finally… my book

Finally, my book has been completed and is published. The name of my book is From Lion to Lamb : A Spiritual Journey. I have ordered the free author copies and am awaiting their arrival. After reviewing then I should start ordering. If you wish to have a look at the book you may visit my author webpage. The link is given below.

You may also visit outskirts press to view the book. The book is also available on Amazon, in paperback and kindle version.

This is so exciting yet a little bit nerve-racking. My story will be available for anyone who wants to read it. I am open to criticism on all fronts. However I have placed all my trust in God and know that all will be well.

The foreword of my book was written by Mr. Philip G. Rochford, HBM, author and empowerment strategist. Mr. Rochford is also now a qualified life coach, one whom I can fully endorse. He coached me along my journey with this book, encouraging me at every step of writing, editing and production. He has turned out to be a wonderful source of support and a tower of strength on which I may lean and I have yet to meet him face to face.

I have included a summary below for you to stimulate your desire to read more. The author page and Amazon page would also have the back cover information.

             Never could Caron Asgarali have imagined the violent and life-changing event that was about to unfold when she ventured out on the night of Tuesday 29th January, 2013. That night, just as she was about to return home, she was shot in the face by an unknown assailant at close range.

            She became another statistic in the number of violent crimes in Trinidad and…almost added to the number of murders, but was fortunate to emerge alive.

            The attempted robbery and simultaneous wounding with intent set her on a journey from the cold , institutional Intensive Care Unit, to the clinical wards of public and private hospitals and finally into the warm, embracing light of a promised, ethereal hereafter

             From Lion to Lamb is an inspiring story of a single, professional woman confronted by the epidemic of lawlessness besieging her beloved country and the perseverance, resilience and spiritual renewal which bloom in the desert of physical and psychological turmoil as she deals with healing, reconstruction and plastic surgery.

           This book will provide you with refreshingly simple yet powerful inspiration based upon Caron’s experiences and  grounded in Biblical text. The Beatitudes, listed by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount, found in the Holy Bible, provide the foundation on which the chapters are built.

           The introduction gives some insight into her background, her family setting and her personality. Each chapter tells a story which is used to bring out the message of one of the Beatitudes. The chapters are written in ascending order of the Beatitudes. The conclusion brings us to the place where she is currently in physical restoration and in her spiritual quest.

          Any and all persons, regardless of religion, will be able to relate to the Universal principles of peace, love, humility, gratitude and much more which are promoted in this book, From Lion to Lamb: A Spiritual Journey.

The style is simple. The story is inspiring and illuminating. I hope you get some time to check out From Lion to Lamb.

I am really looking forward to your thoughts on my book. Please let me know what you think.


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