Satisfying life

I have been hyperactive since the last week. The cogs in the gears of my brain are constantly turning. I have just completed a major project and I feel so blessed to have done so. It was a work of inspiration. It is inspiring and it has inspired me to want to do so much more. I have started planning the promotions for my project. I want it to become available to everyone – in every country, in every language, in every culture and every religion. The planning process is exciting.



Two days ago I was still on a high from completing my project and I was further elevated when I was able to contact someone to assist me in refining the details and someone to help make it tangible. That same day I was greeted with some good news in the mail. I got word about an important appointment upon which I was awaiting. God has been leading the way and opening doors for me. I wish I could enlighten everybody about the power of seeking God. Perhaps one day I just might be able to do that, according to His Will.

There is a phrase in Ecclesiastes 4, which is “like a chasing after the wind.” That phrase construes hopelessness. When I think about it I realize that a life lived without God is a life that is like chasing after the wind. No matter how much effort is put into your work or your relationships, if you do not seek God’s blessings, if you do not praise Him, then there can be no real happiness at work or at home.  No matter how much success it may appear that you have, you will never be satisfied. There will always be more money to be made, a better promotion on the horizon, more things to buy or prizes to be won. Your family life will seem empty, as though some essential element is missing. There may be strife. There may be envy and hatred. There may be anger and unhappiness.

To live a truly satisfying and gratifying life is simple. Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. These are two clearly defined points, easily understood and easy to execute. Except that we are only human. It is not always easy to love your neighbor. For clarification your neighbor is not just the persons who live next door but anyone you come into contact with. We have a divine instruction to show love and respect to every member of society. What a beautiful place this would be if this could be a reality. But in as much as we have difficulty to love all and sundry, it is our duty to try; give it our best effort to be compassionate and caring to those we may encounter.


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