Getting back in groove.

My day started off at about 5:50 a.m. I hurriedly got ready to take an early morning walk/jog. I had started doing this about two weeks ago, after nearly a year of little exercise. As is expected I started walking but the runner in me could not deal with that alone, so I jogged a short distance, then walked again. By the end of the first two weeks I had jogged nearly the entire distance, approximately three blocks in a residential area. Today I jogged a little more than the last day but still not the entire course. I was exhilarated.


The morning air was relatively cold. The place was quiet and peaceful. It was a good time for introspection. I reflected on my blessings during the past year and softly thanked God for my speedy recovery. The quiet of the morning was broken just then by the barking of the cutest dog. He does it every morning – he runs to the fence as I approach, then runs along the fence in the same direction as I run, all the way to the end of the fence, then back up to me, then down again and so on. Another dog, a big Rottweiler, usually lies near the front gate on his back with his paws up in the air. It is such a hilarious sight that I cannot help but laugh out aloud.


I returned home feeling energized and ravenous, ready to face the day. After a breakfast of freshly squeezed orange juice and a bowl of oats, I set out to do my business for the day. Today my business involved going to the hospital to make a correction on my sick leave and going to school to drop off the leave. At the hospital I also had to make an appointment for my mother to have a mammogram done. I was so lucky that one of the doctors in charge is one of my friends. He immediately came to my assistance when he saw me. Had it not been for him, my mother would have had to wait until June for the appointment. I was able to get one for her close to the time she wanted  in April. I thanked God for His intervention.


Later that day I received some welcomed news. The person whom I had asked to edit the first draft of a book I have written called to say that she had completed the editing. Thankfully there were few changes to be made. She also asked for permission to use two excerpts for printing in one of our daily newspapers on two consecutive days. Of course I agreed. I am so completely overwhelmed with joy and so much more motivated. This spurred me to get my mother to read the part of the book that is based on her experience just to make sure that I was not disclosing any information she did not wish to share. She started to read and ended up reading all of it. Thank you God for your mercies!


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