The first Cleaning

Wow! Today was such a wonderful day but it did not start up that way. This morning I did not want to get up and see any one. Consequently, although my eyes were opened sometime around six o’clock, I stayed in bed until about 8:30 a.m., at which time I was sure everyone had already left for work or school or an appointment. I was scheduled for a 3:00p.m. appointment to clean my teeth at a new dentist, Dr. S. Persad, located in Marabella in South Trinidad. I suddenly realized on getting up that I missed my mother so I called her cell phone.


My mum, with her usual exuberance, asked if I could accompany her as she had to do some business at Fyzabad, a small town in South Trinidad. I also had to do some chores so I agreed and proceeded to get ready. By the time she got home I was dressed and ready to go. We set out on our little adventure, planning to stop at some little eating place to purchase an Indian delicacy, pholourie. Pholourie is a fried ball consisting of ground split peas (dhal) and/or flour, saffron powder, salt, baking powder or yeast or both and garlic and other seasonings. That was our motivator.


All along the trip I felt nauseated. I guess it was motion sickness. When we got to the shop, we were very disappointed as it was closed for repairs. We continued on our journey with the hope that the cafeteria close to where we were heading would have our desired snack. I hopped out of the car as soon as we got there and rushed into the café. There was one bag of pholourie left. I told the man I had no choice but to take it along with a Coke in the small glass bottle. When I asked him the price, he graciously told me to pay only for the soft drink as the bag had been packed since early in the morning and the pholouries would be soggy. I tried to insist he take the money but he refused.


I ate my share ravenously and drank that Coke with relish. I have to confess that the Coke always helps with nausea for me. I began to feel much better. My mum returned from her business transaction and had her share of the snack. She could not believe the low price I had paid for the soft drink. We returned to Marabella where Mum bought a Chinese lunch of fried rice, noodles, chow mein and fried chicken. By this time the dentist’s office had called and asked if I could come in for 2:00 p.m. instead of 3:00 o’clock. Of course I agreed but it meant I had to rush to eat lunch and brush my teeth before leaving.


My brother agreed to meet me at 1:45 p.m. and I arrived just in time for two o’clock. On arrival I had to ring a bell. The door was then opened and I entered a small lobby before being shown into the waiting room. I was given a form to complete and within a few minutes I was taken into the dentist’s room with the dental chair. The dentist was so gentle and soft spoken yet professional. She spent at least twenty minutes talking to me to assess the situation before informing me that there would be no charge for the cleaning but that subsequent visits would require payments. I again insisted that I should pay but to no avail. I was grateful though.


The cleaning was not at all painful as I had anticipated, given the tender state of my mouth. The entire process took a while but just as I was beginning to think it was too long, the procedure was done. My mouth looked clean and felt clean. There was absolutely no discomfort. I was shown two video clips about the options of dentures and bridging, while the doctor prepared a letter for me to present to Dr. Daniell at my next visit to him. Once again this was an energy building experience. Thank you Lord!


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