Dream or reality

Dream or reality?

There I sat. Alone on an open, windy porch. A cup of tea was my only companion as I sat on a wrought iron chair with its fellow table. Two palm plants surrounded me as they wafted gently in the breeze. The plants acted as shields blocking me from the view of onlookers and passersby but allowed me full view of all around me. I was high above the road level. The house was a two storey one and was reminiscent of my aunt’s house from the outside but looked like the house in which my son’s father used to live.

Out of nothing I began to line a pizza pan with pepperoni, onions and tomatoes in concentric circles. Even as I did this I realized that I had not placed the dough on the pan. Laughing at myself I went inside to the kitchen. At the same time the telephone bell rang and my sister-in-law got up to answer. She was surprised to see me there. My father – in- law also came out and went onto the porch. I was shocked to see my father there also. He wore a green pajama shirt with which I was quite familiar. He looked so fragile, so gaunt but so happy. His hair at the back of his head was wispy but full, curly and grey. He did not have any hair at the top of his head. He was smiling as my father-in-law placed his arm around my father’s shoulder.

My father-in-law came back inside to speak with me. He asked me if this time I had come to stay. I do not remember my reply. The dream was vivid and lifelike. I felt happy to see both of them again. It did not feel as though they were deceased in the dream. I got up with the memory quite lucid in my mind. Was there any meaning to this dream? Was it just a dream or a premonition? Did I really meet with them? What message, if any, should I get from this dream? I revised the dream over and over until I got up.


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