Marzipan Day!


Yesterday was the first day of the advent month. It was a rainy, cold and dreary day. It was also a Sunday which would normally mean that I could sleep as late as I want. This morning however, in the best weather to sleep, I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. I had registered to do a course on marzipan making. It was to be conducted in Diego Martin, Trinidad, which on a normal day would be about an hour and a half away.

Since we were not sure about the exact location of the instructor’s home, we resolved to be early enough so that even if we got lost, we would still have enough time to find our way to the place before eight o’clock. Yes it was extremely difficult to get up but we did it…and we made it to our destination in record time. By 7:15a.m., we were waiting for the room to be opened.

My mother, who drove, left me to go to church while I was at the course. Initially there was only one other person and myself. Gradually more ladies arrived. Their talk was strictly shop talk – where to purchase different cake tools and supplies, what orders they had and the like. I felt a bit like a square peg.

The class started late to accommodate those who got caught in the rain or who had to travel. We were shown samples of marzipan fruit as well as chocolate covered marzipan. The samples looked amazing. We were given handouts and then the instructor started to demonstrate how to work the marzipan. She showed us how to make a lemon, a banana, oranges, apples, peaches, watermelon and other fruits.

Then she went on to show us how to do Christmas decorations. There were three sampling sessions. The first sample was a chocolate drizzled log. The second was a chocolate covered marzipan log while the third was a black forest truffle. Those samples were absolutely delicious! I could not wait to try making them myself.


When the class was finished we were given a starter package containing icing sugar, sliced, blanched almonds and ground almond. I was feeling inspired to be creative.


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