How to make a delightful bread pudding

bread pudding1Today I am taking a break from the heavy stuff. Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. What could be as simple and light as a good bread pudding. A soft, sweet mix of bread,  milk and spices. Delicious! Takes your mind off a world of worries. Worries, you say, what worries? Let me finish my slice of pudding and my cup of hot tea, but right now there can be no worries, no distractions.

It all started when my good friend had a craving for some bread pudding. I was put on the job to quench that yen. So first I called another friend who is a caterer and usually has bread ends. Too late, she had already thrown out the last set. Finally, two days later I had to make some sandwiches, so voila! bread ends and my friend got her long awaited pudding. Here is my version of that delectable dessert.

First, of course, you need bread crumbs or ends. I used the ends from one sandwich loaf, which I cut into small pieces, about an inch long. On mixing, the ends crumble anyway, to become like crumbs.  The following is a list of all the ingredients I used.

My Bread Pudding

Ends from 1 sandwich loaf

2 cups of milk

Between ¼ cup to ½ cup of granulated sugar ( sweeten to taste)

¼  tsp salt

2 tbsp margarine (softened)

2  eggs

Cinnamon and vanilla essence to taste and my special ingredient…

3 tbsp Amaretto

First blend the margarine with the bread ends. Add the sugar and salt. Scald the milk and pour into bread mixture. Allow mixture to cool. When cooled, add the slightly beaten eggs along with cinnamon, vanilla and amaretto. Mix well. Transfer to a greased baking dish and bake at  375⁰ for about half an hour. Serve with your favourite chai tea. Ahh… perfect!!


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