Further to my last post, “Experiencing God”, I had the privilege of speaking with my friend who was waiting for me in the doctor’s office. He was able to witness most of what had actually transpired. He said the nurse told him to bring the car around to the front for me. On doing so, he came out to get me but, after five minutes had passed they could not get me up. He ran back to the car to switch off and send up the windows, he still did not lock expecting me to be ready soon.

The doctor had spent approximately the first five minutes talking to me, calling my name and rubbing my hands. To no avail. Then my friend and the nurses tried. Apparently they slapped my hand, they pulled open my eyes (but my eyes remained closed), they kept calling to me to get up. According to my friend I was preaching for almost twenty five minutes. I kept saying that I was with my Lord and that He was to take my life and do with it what He wanted. I broke down and cried, with great emotion. Mind you even though I am naturally quiet I was shouting. I could have been heard from the roadside.

At one point they left him alone with me and he said that my entire body shut down. He could see no movement. It seemed as though I had stopped breathing. I stopped talking and crying. He called the nurses who tried again to awaken me but were rebuked by me for touching me while I was in the presence of the Lord. My pulse was good and breathing had resumed ( or maybe it had never stopped). The nurses were surprised when he told them that I did not attend any church. My ranting was authentic not mundane utterings but seemed to be spiritual in nature. I kept telling them to give me five more minutes and then I will be ready.

The doctor told my friend that it was the first time I had behaved in this manner. I was usually demure. He also reminded my friend that I had been through a lot and that it was time I got it out of my system. I guess he meant that grieving would aid in healing emotionally. The only problem is that I was not grieving. I was actually in the presence of God! My doctor and his assistants would probably never believe me. They may think it was the effect of the anaesthetic. They may have dismissed many previous episodes by other patients in the same manner, trivializing a very profound incident. I await further enlightenment and will share in forthcoming posts, if there is anything to share. God bless.


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