Story Reveal: Forged In Fire!

via Story Reveal: Forged In Fire!

What a powerful story on child abuse. The author of this story in Hot Cocoa on a Rainy Day 10 (+1) Stories to Warm Your Heart is such a sweetheart, so kind and caring and yet she has been forged in fire! Visit the link to watch the trailer and get ready to cry when you read the book, which should be launched soon.

My Latest Project

I have neglected to share that I am working on a new book, an anthology of true inspirational stories written by Trinidadian authors.

The book is almost completed including proofreading and editing.

I have started to share summaries of the stories on my alternative website, my author site.

The title of the book is Hot Cocoa on a Rainy Day, 10 (+1) Stories to Warm Your Heart.

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You can read the first of the summaries here. Enjoy and please leave some feedback in the comments, if you like or if you think you would want to read the stories.

Thank you.

Story Reveal #3: God Does Not Waste Pain

This is one of the eleven stories in my new anthology in collaboration with other Trinidadian authors. I know that you will enjoy these heart-warming stories.

Leave a comment to share your thoughts please.

Caron Asgarali

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This is the story of one woman’s childhood fears coming true in front of hundreds of people. She was bathed in sweat as she came face to face with her fear for the first time. Unfortunately, the usual advice of facing your fears to conquer did not work for her then.  

Years later, she found herself in a similar situation this time involving a handsome leader, one of her great influencers. She could not get out of it. Again, the outcome was the same…failure AND she was still afraid. Time and time again she reluctantly had to face humiliation because of her fear.

But just as her fear stalked her for so many years, so too did one of her true loves. Serendipity and an unlikely ally with a ‘pretentious’ accent caused her to use her love to overcome her fear.

No one comes…

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Keep Active No Matter What!

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If you know me at all, you know that my go to fitness routine will involve running.

However not everyone likes running or even likes a formal workout!

While it is better to have a basic fitness routine for cardio benefits and for strength training, any activity is better than none.

My mum, who is 75 years old but looks younger than 57, is active. She keeps moving all day on most days.

At one time, her glucose levels were high and she was having difficulty controlling it. Additionally, her tummy was getting a bit bigger than she would have liked it to be.

I tried coaxing her to take up walking, after all she had bought a pair of walking shoes that had not been used for… let’s just say ever since she bought them.

She eventually caved in to my nagging and set out with me one day. My mum was definitely not in her comfort zone. I had never seen her look more vulnerable than on that day and after that, I never brought up the subject again. Of course, she never ventured out to walk again.

However, she does keep active at home. We have stairs inside and she moves from upstairs to downstairs regularly! She hangs clothes outside on the clothes lines and runs out to take them up at the first sign of rain! At 75, that is admirable.

In her way, she keeps active.

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Don’t ever let anything or anyone keep you from doing any type of activity. The idea is that you keep moving to keep your body and your mind functioning properly.

Sometimes, we are afraid to start doing some activity because we might not do it well, we may not be successful, others may laugh at us or any number of other reasons. It can even be our previous experiences that keep us from trying new things.

This can box us into a little cubbyhole and keep us from achieving our goals, which could be anything from an academic certificate to a well toned body.

In my case, I could have allowed fear to prevent me from running on the road ever again; fear of crime and the crime situation in our country. I would have missed out on a lot of free therapy had I not started back running.

Although I have continued to run, it is a constant battle with myself to get out there and do it.

There are times I lose the fight and stay at home, eating chocolates, cake and other great stuff that does me no good physically.  I have even opted to stay at home to look at movies because it feels like too much effort to face the road.

I struggle with this constantly, even though I love running so much. The good thing is that I never ever give up. As difficult as it gets sometimes, I push to keep going.

Don’t let fear hold you back from doing the things that need to be done.

Whatever you do make sure you enjoy doing and are comfortable doing it.

Your overall well-being and health is dependent on:
* getting enough exercise in whatever form we have a preference, ensuring we do aerobic as well as resistance exercises
* proper diet
*proper hydration
*supplementing the diet
*rest and sleep
*fasting occasionally
*reducing sugar, caffeine, processed foods and alcohol in the diet

Make time to look after your physical health and you will see the added benefits to your mental and emotional health.

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Finding Quiet…

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Let me clear it up front! I am not advertising for this book; have no commission to get.

However, I found this book cover and the metadata compelling and had to share it for anyone who suffers from anxiety and depression to at least know about it, if not read it.

There is hope and there can be quiet.

I too suffer from anxiety and depression, although, apart from the PTSD diagnosis, I have not been clinically assessed.

For most of my life, I was always trying to get away from life by sleeping. I did not sleep my life away so to speak because I was able somehow to complete studies up to a Master’s Degree by the age of 24, got married by 22, had my first and only son by 25, divorced a little later on and had my own home some time after.

So it was not that I had no ambition. I just used to think that I loved sleep. I did not realize that the aches and pains and the overpowering sleepiness were all a part of anxiety and depression.

It was only when my son, as an adult, being smarter than I am, sought help and was diagnosed as suffering from that potent combination, did I realize that my problem actually had names and they were not just in my head.

I thought I was a super introvert, if there is such a thing. Choosing to be alone was always so much easier than accepting invitations to go out.


What I discovered was that being alone a lot actually worked for me. There are times, I must confess, I do need company for stimulation and sanity.

A book such as Finding Quiet can prove to be a helpful tool, at the worst a distraction. It should not hurt to read it.

However, for me, because of the resonance with the topic, sometimes such reading can be difficult. It took me more than a few months to get past the first chapter in another similar book.

Once I was able to get over the emotional overwhelm, the rest of the book was easy reading.

Easy enough to be helpful.

Give it a try! I know that I will.

Holistic health includes mental well being.

While there is a full spectrum of mental health challenges, we must do what we can to manage those that can be managed.

Have a tranquil day my friends.

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