A Better View of the Authors of Hot Cocoa on a Rainy Day

The last post with the authors was missing two of these precious persons.

This video has the complete list with photos, bios, story titles and a quotation from each story.

Please do leave a word of encouragement for the other authors who bared their soul to bring inspiration for us.

Everyday Heroes!

Hot Cocoa on a Rainy Day has 10 (+1) Stories to Warm Your Heart through their authenticity, fine flavour, hope, faith, and inter-connectedness.

The book has suggestions to help stimulate creative critical thinking either individually or in a book club session.

It incorporates space for making notes.

This edition is the first in a series of books.

Great, easy to read stories that can inspire and motivate people into taking action even when downtrodden.

Experience a taste of the resilience, community and culture of Trinidad and Tobago through the stories.

The characters in Hot Cocoa on a Rainy Day are relatable and courageous, revealing some of their deepest, darkest secrets to the world through this compilation.

Who, you may well ask, are those characters? They are:

Lynda Banks-Khan
Deborah Maillard
Winston Dookeran
Terrence Boissiere
Marc Ramlal
Sabita Mykoo
Zyda Mohammed-Jimdar
Terry Lang
Jeanine Gervais
Lynette Sinanan

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